Our products for the industry

Our products allow durable solutions of high quality for pipe lead-throughs in the process industry as well as for balcony drainage in the prefabricated element industry.

Balcony drainage solutions

The purposes of use of balconies have become more varied, which causes additional requirements for the comfort and fire safety of balconies. The traditional pipe shoe is no longer sufficient in terms of technology or appearance. The internal balcony drainage system allows the safe and tidy removal of water in both new construction and renovations.


Easy and fast installation

In new construction, the balcony drains are installed on the balcony slabs at the prefabrication factory. In renovation projects, the balcony drains are installed into a diamond drilled hole or casting.


Compatible with different types of balcony piping

Various piping parts are available for the system as necessary, such as bends, shoes, wall fixtures etc. Our Partsi range components are also available for balcony piping sizes 73 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm.


The service life of the balcony drains is over 50 years

When selecting a balcony drain, attention should be paid to fire safety, tightness, serviceability and service life. The balcony drains manufactured by us have been tested and meet all the above requirements.

Industrial pipe lead-throughs

In industrial pipe lead-throughs, we utilise our proprietary fixing technology that fixes and seals pipes in concrete and stone structures without any mould work or grouting.


Cost-efficient and fast implementation

In our attachment method, the lead-through pipe is installed into a diamond drilled hole in the concrete structure. Elastic sealing compound is applied on the surfaces between the pipe folds.


No formwork or grouting is needed

The RP pipe is pressed into the drill hole, and it fixes and seals to the structure without any formwork or grouting.


The end result is durable and tight

RP lead-through sleeves, splash water sleeves, floor drains, pipe lead-throughs.

Technical support is ready to help you

Our development department ensure that our products meet the regulations applicable to the sector as well as the requirements of standards. We take pride in delivering the best products in the field and taking the ease of installation into account as well. We also help you design special projects and provide comments about the implementation, if necessary.

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Our products are included in the PRODLIB product library

Roof safety, rainwater system and balcony drainage products are included in the electronic ProdLib product library. ProdLib is a product library offered free of charge for building designers. Once you have installed ProdLib, you can download and manage the libraries of individual manufacturers within the software. The libraries contain product information, documents, BIM and CAD models as well as other files supporting design in AutoCAD, Revit and ArchiCAD, all organised and updated for easy use.

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You can find the product cards, installation, operation and maintenance instructions as well as the certificates and declarations of performance in the databank.
The detailed dimensions of our balcony drainage products are given in the brochure.

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