Products of high quality, reliable deliveries

Our extensive product range comprises rainwater, roof safety and emergency exit products as well as balcony drainage solutions.

Rainwater systems

Nesco manufactures components and accessories for all common steel gutters and downpipes. We have several gutter shapes for all kinds of projects.

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Roof safety products

Nesco Oy manufactures all ladder, snow guard and roof access solutions. With over 30 years’ experience, we also supply customised solutions for all roof safety projects.

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Balcony products

Nesco’s product range also includes solutions for the construction and renovation of balconies. Our balcony drainage systems are tested and approved, and they meet the EI60 fire rating requirements. The system is certified, certificate no. VTT-C-10518-13.

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Special products

Nesco designs and manufactures roof safety and rainwater products according to the needs of its customers. In addition to galvanized steel, we also make products from copper, stainless steel and acidproof steel as well as aluminium, amongst others. Our technical support helps you design special projects.

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