Roof safety products

We manufacture all ladder, snow guard and roof access solutions. With over 30 years’ experience, we also supply customised solutions for all roof safety projects.

Wall ladders

Wall ladders provide safe access to the roof. Our product range includes solutions for all kinds of projects ranging from one-family homes to large public and industrial properties.

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Roof ladders

Roof ladders make it safe to access the areas requiring maintenance on the roof. We manufacture individual attachment solutions for all roof types and materials. On low pitch roofs, roof treads can be...

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Roof walkways

In addition to providing safe access routes on the roof, roof walkway also allows efficient maintenance actions to be performed. The surface of the roof walkway manufactured of durable material is...

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Emergency exit routes

We manufacture different kinds of solutions for emergency exits depending on the building type and aesthetic requirements.

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Fall protection

A fall prevention or fall restraint system must be used to protect people working on the roof.

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Safety rails and ropes

Safety rails and ropes ensure the safety of persons climbing on the roof, thereby facilitating roof maintenance. The rope system can be attached to the wall, roof walkway or bollards. Attaching to the...

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