Pyry profile snow guard

Our popular and efficient snow guard Pyry is a protected design that provides a stylish solution for one or two-storey buildings. The snow guard profile stops snow more efficiently and still weighs almost 30% less than a two-pipe snow guard.

Technical information

  • The blunted tip and the extended edges stop snow efficiently.
  • Light and easy to transport and install: almost 30% lighter than two pipes.
  • Takes up less space during storage and transport since the profiles can be stacked up into a handy bundle.
  • Factory coated in standard colours.
  • Can be attached to the same fixtures as LP3 and two oval pipes.
  • Stronger and more durable: made of high-strength steel.
  • Standard colours RR20 , RR21, RR23, RR29, RR32, RR33, RR750, other colours made to order.


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