Launchable escape ladder

A launchable escape ladder can be used when a indiscernible but yet safe emergency exit route on the facade is needed. Launchable ladder is a ladder package folded into a case-shape that can be opened by pulling the launching pin.

Technical information

  • The ladder frame lengths are 2.7 m, 3.0 m, 3.3 m, 3.6 m and 4.2 m, and they can be extended.
  • Can be opened by pulling the launching pin.
  • Launching pins are placed at the top of the highest ladder and at each extension joint.
  • The extension joints are placed at such heights that the pin can be removed.
  • The ladder can only be used for climbing down.
  • Standard colours RR20, RR21, RR23, RR29, RR32, RR33, RR750 (other colours made to order).


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