Sliding ladder

Sliding ladders are usually used at day-care centres, schools and other buildings where ladder access needs to be restricted. A sliding ladder is installed on a ladder permanently installed on the wall and locked into its top position. To climb the ladder, you simply open the lock and pull the sliding ladder frame down.

Technical information

  • The bottom part should be placed at approximately 1.8–2.0 m from the ground.
  • The fitter locks the frame of the sliding ladder in its top position by placing a temporary cotter pin or an M8 x 20 hexagonal screw on the sliding ladder’s plate.
  • The ladder can also be locked with a separate lock included in the building’s key system.
  • Standard colours RR20, RR21, RR23, RR29, RR32, RR33, RR750 (other colours made to order).


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